Luis “Noah” Olivas joined the army at 20 years old. He soon found himself in Iraq with the initial brigade combat team that entered the country in 2003. After eight years of service ending in an honorable discharge, Olivas moved back to his native Idaho and worked first as a police officer and then a private military contractor. In 2014, he decided to use the skills and contacts he had built up over his career to launch NKO Global Security Solutions, a risk mitigation firm in southeast Idaho designed to ensure the protection of its clientele.

Olivas says, “I knew I wanted to bring my cultivated standard of security to southeast Idaho. I knew I had the right contacts in the community, by being former law enforcement and part of the veteran community. I brought together the talent and the experience under one roof at NKO Global. From there, I began to contact clients and now we continue to grow.”

NKO Global specializes in offering protection and managing security risks for corporations, high-net-worth individuals, small business, nongovernmental organizations and celebrities. Their services include executive protection, secure travel services, event and residential security, intelligence analysis, and security consulting.

My Successes: 

Olivas successfully launched the business in 2017 and from there has built up a clientele and expanded the services that NKO Global offers. His clients include the City of Idaho Falls, Ball Ventures, Inn Trusted, Teton Reserve and several others.

How SCORE Helped: 

Olivas attended several SCORE workshops and worked with SCORE mentor William Woods on developing a business plan. He and Williams continue to meet regularly. Olivas says, “Having follow-up meetings with my mentor and having [him] take a genuine interest in my business has helped me achieve my goals and set additional goals.” Williams is now helping Olivas grow his business and attract new customers.

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