Can you imagine creating not one, but two businesses? Elizabeth Reed did just that. While earning her master’s degree at Norfolk State University, she worked as an event coordinator for the college radio station. This experience inspired her to create The Event Planner.

Reed's love and pride for her community runs deep, and she began to showcase her neighborhood by creating Pressplae, a video blog that highlights local talent, music, events, fashion, arts and news. She describes the vlog as “a show designed to positively exploit the unexploited.” She and her crew visit a local business or event each week, and Pressplae appears on Cox11 in Hampton Roads, VA.

Reed also manages #LocalLove, a 2014 pop-up shop that now resides online. It sells the local brands, art, photography, clothing, and jewelry featured in Pressplae episodes.

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My successes. 

“I believe success is subjective. Some measure their success according to their monetary value or tangible assets. Although I desire those things for living and sustainability, I do not base my success on them," Reed admits. "I base my success on the amount of people I inspire and assist in achieving their goals. I want people to know that my company brand is one that can be trusted not only for quality service but most importantly for our dedication to the betterment of the community.”

How SCORE helped. 

Reed says her mentor, Tom Vaughan, offered insightful, objective advice from his years of experience. He helped her prepare a budget, develop a business plan, and implement a marketing strategy.

“[My SCORE mentors] were consistent, patient, honest, knowledgeable, and optimistic. It was like having my own personal business genie," Reed says. "They assisted me with the creation of my business plan and gave so many helpful recommendations on what organizations I should join and helpful contacts. At first, I was quite intimidated by the task of drafting a business plan. But with the help of my mentor Tom Vaughan, as well as a few other helpful SCORE mentors, I conquered that dragon!”

The Event Planner and Pressplae