At SCORE Hampton Roads you have access to many mentors who have years of valuable expertise in a wide variety of industries. Here is an overview of just a few of our mentors:

Russell Black: Over 35 years experience in commercial and government contracting. Skilled in government procurement, strategic planning, analysis and resolution, communications, and client cultivation and prospecting.

Dawn D. Boyer, Ph.D.: Obtained her doctorate of philosophy in STEMPS Education in 2013; has over 24 years of experience in Human Resources management and practice; over 10 years of experience in social media management planning and practice for marketing and branding; and has edited, written, and published over 100 books in the Print on Demand platform, as well as assisted over 20 other authors achieve publication.

Stuart Davis (Stu): Expertise in federal contracting and information technology. Federal executive in Army Material Command, President’s Management Improvement Council, and Justice Department until 1986 retirement. Senior VP of mid-sized technology firm subsequently with practice focused on program management and information technology system management. BS from Syracuse University.

Allen Goldstein: Expertise in business finance and accounting, government and regulations, non profits, banking, financial services, insurance, and public and professional organizations.

Bonita Lindenberg: CPA with 25 years experience in accounting, tax preparation, and client consulting. Skilled in financial reporting and accounting systems, cost proposal preparation, inventory control, small business issues and not-for-profit organizations.

Charles Vaughan (Tom): Expertise in construction, industrials, utilities and government contracting, homeowner services/home improvements, with skills in operations, sales, marketing and public relations, planning and strategy.

Rod Watson: Over 20 years as a US Navy Surface Warfare Officer. Certified Fitness Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor. BS in Health Science. Owner of a Personal Training practice and former owner of two 24 hours access fitness center franchises. Current managing owner of an Internet Marketing Consulting and Website Design Firm. BS in Business Administration from Marquette University. Completed Post- Graduate Degree in Information Systems (MPA) with a perfect 4.0 grade point average.


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